Friday, December 4, 2009

LES LIASONS DE L'AMOUR Valentine's Day Fete

Twinkling light slipped from the windows of the Petit Trianon while light-hearted music floated on the crisp February night air. Chattering and laughter could be heard faintly as she approached the gates to the back garden, an open note grasped in her silk clad hand. The gate creaked slightlty as it swung in towards the entrance to a silent Hamlet Village. She turned and took one last glance at the full moon behind the Petit Trianon before setting her foot on the pebbled path....

It is time to get ready for a fĂȘte grande in honor of St. Valentine's Day. Tokens of love, fabulous gowns, silken dancing slippers, mysterious romantic trysts in the candle light and of course, CAKE... all will be sure to take place on February 12th & 13th, 2010. There will be many wonderful giveaways and blog parties to attend. So, prepare your attire, grab your jeweled feather fans and meet me at the Petit Trianon!

For Details and Blog Badge, please see below!


Vista Gal said...

It seems that I cannot find my way to the Petite Trion for the Ball and Gala!
I hope that you will please enter me in yoour Valentine Give away.
Your work is so sweet and dear.
How romantic is your liason!

Anonymous said...

Your work is so romantic and sweet. There is nothing that I would not be thrilled to own.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hey! Lady
I just joined your blog. I am a born again Christian also. Yup...that's why we're here to pass on the gospel of Christ. May you have a blessed rest of the week~
I am a doll maker and love just about any new art media that comes along...I will try it!
Please visit my blog and you can click on the doll ning sites I am in. Just lots of fun!
Teresa in California