Friday, May 15, 2009

Journey to Mermania!

I have taken a trip to Mermania! Dive with me into the ocean and see who lies beneath! These are watercolor with pencil work for my Sanibel Island journal. I am preparing for an upcoming trip!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Marie Goes to a Masquerade

Last night, I envisioned a Masquerade at the Petit Trianon. La Reine was splendid in a poppy colored dress with a silk striped taffeta skirt! Later, masks were removed and introductions were made. What a fabulous party!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Marie's Morning Ritual: Chocolate and ......CAKES!

This morning, I peeked in at the Petit Trianon, just in time to see La Reine partake of her morning chocolate and pastry. What a peaceful moment for this lovely woman!

3-d Pop up effect altered art book page with acrylics, collage images, glitter and mica.

Thank You to Becs S. from Marie Antoinette Art for taking a pic of the other page for me! Now you can see both Marie Alone and with her Group of Friends taking Chocolate! ( And yes, I know Marie isn't REALLY in that picture, but we can pretend...)

Spring in Fairyland

Spring has come to Fairyland and what better way to celebrate than the seasonal fashion show in the Rose Bower. The rose elf models the chicest rose petal dress to hit the runway this year! The top is of the finest spider silk dyed a deep rose pink and the flirty skirt is made up of layers of silky soft rose petals from the English rose "Tradescant." The neckline is accented with rose leaves and a lovely full blown yellow and orange rose, adding that perfect "pop" of color!