Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Alice in Wonderland Dolls are now being Represented by a Gallery!!!!!!

I am so excited that I can hardly stand it! A week or so ago, I was contacted by Susan of Art and Soul Gallery Inc. She let me know she was interested in selling my Alice in Wonderland dolls and houses in her gallery. I couldn't believe it and was so excited! If you are interested in purchasing any of the dolls with their homes, you can contact her at:

817 238th St SE
Bothell, WA 98021

She also sells beautiful altered art objects, glass art and fine art. Her shop looks gorgeous!!!! You can see a few pictures and read more about her gallery here: Art and Soul Gallery, Inc. I am listing the pictures of the dolls and their houses and tags above. The Cheshire Cat has TWO faces, one on each side. Unfortunately, I am not a great picture taker. Some of the houses actually have flowers on their sides and backs too, but these didn't show in the pics.

Marie Hamlet Inspired Cuff

I made this beautiful cuff for a Marie Antoinette Hamlet inspired cuff swap. The materials needed to be mostly natural and to be in light colors. I think my partner will enjoy this. I know I loved creating it! It is constructed of vintage lace; vintage eyelet cotton flounce (lace is 1930's and the cotton flounce is Edwardian); a hand dyed silk ribbon flower, made by me; vintage embroidered cotton motifs from an Edwardian table cloth; french jacquard ribbon for the backing; a vintage wooden button, probably Edwardian and vintage gold elastic for the button closure. All hand sewn with linen colored cotton thread. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Beautiful Gift

A week or so ago, I received a beautiful gift in the mail from Terri Lynn Heinz. She just wanted to thank me for running the Marie Antoinette site. She is one of my fearless helpers who has been so precious to me! Thank you Terri Lynn for the beautiful gift and for your help! Be sure to visit her GORGEOUS blog where she is doing a lovely birthday giveaway!!! You can see her and her work here: Artful Affirmations
The gift you ask? Well, it is a stunning bracelet all in pinks and antique favorites! It fits perfectly and is so wonderful to wear! I feel like a fairy queen when I have it tinkles delightfully and has such a nice, weighty feel.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Fun Giveaway

Cristina of Sweet Pea Ink is having her own beautiful giveaway over at: Sweet Pea Ink. Be sure to go over and check it out. You won't want to miss this beautiful blog as it is full of loveliness and sweet inspirations!
Here is a sneak peek at what you could win:

A Most Wonderful Blog Giveaway

Thank you to Cristina of Sweet Pea Ink for letting me and the rest of the MAMA site know about a truly wonderful blog giveaway occuring over at oh, hello friend. The giveaway features 13 YUMMY vendors with many beautiful packages you can win. But that is not all, the blog itself is so wonderfully delicious, you simply MUST check it out. There are some perfect packaging ideas, featured goodies from various shops, lovely resource downloads and some inspiring collections of photos and projects AND a weekly giveaway. Truly a treasure in blog land!

To visit the giveaway, click the badge below:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Marie and Roses

Yesterday and today I voyaged across the Atlantic to visit the rose gardens of Versailles...of course in dream land, it is always just whatever season one desires! There I found beautiful crowned birds, jeweled butterflies, "stained glass" roses made of crepe paper and Marie dancing behind some particularly fetching roses. Enjoy! The following are 4 x4 book pages for a Marie's Favorite Flower 4 x 4 book swap I am in, hosted by my dear friend and fellow Marie supplicant, Rhonda Thomas. She is hosting this swap at our Marie site, but she also has a beautiful blog! Check it out at: Rhonda Thomas

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nefertiti ATCs

On the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group, we have a "Royal Visitor" swap, which changes each month. This month, our guest was Nefertiti of ancient Egyptian fame. Here are the three cards I made for this swap.

Marie Sewing Heart Chatelaines

I have finished my work for another beautiful swap at our wonderful Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group. This was for heart shaped sewing Chatelaines. I had a hard time getting started on this swap. Lately, I have been a little drained in the creative energy area. I am feeling better now and had such fun with this! I made it for a dear, sweet woman and my online friend Rella Gauthier. I hope she will love it even more in person! It is all completely hand sewn. I do not really like sewing on a machine. The ribbons for the necklace, and the ruffles were all hand dyed by me are are silk and silk velvet. The fabric bases are vintage flower prints from the 50's and the pink felt is wool. I added a swarovski crystal accent in the middle, which is not showing its true color, of course and I topped off 9 silk pins with swarovski crystals in pink, green and blue. The rosette trim is french rayon. I made the ribbon flowers and the bon bon pin cushion in the center.

Secret Friend Swap Gifts

We are having another secret friend swap over at Marie Antoinette Mail Art site. This time, our theme is Everything is Coming Up Roses. I chose creams, golden yellows, olives, peaches and a touch of blue for my colors. A Marie Paper doll was required, which is why it will be pictured here. I am mailing this out Monday and hope my secret friend is as delighted as I was putting this altogether!

Monday, February 15, 2010


The moment you have all been waiting for...well, at least some of you...I checked the list, found 1 double post, eliminated it, numbered each person and then went to to enter the number spread and the winning number was.....#7! That is lucky Tracy of Braggin' Rights. I will be e-mailing her now. Please be sure to check out her blog. THANK YOU to everyone who posted such beautiful comments on my blog. I have so enjoyed participating this year and already can't wait until next year!

Third Time's a Charm

First of all~ Tristan, thank you for saying I always was a winner in your book. So very sweet of you!!!! Now, I get to announce that I am the winner in a THIRD OWOH giveaway! I am just over the moon with excitement! This time, I have won a BEAUTIFUL and MAGNIFICENT Art Kit and it is all in PINKSSSSSSSS (well and blacks, whites...)...I love pink, it is my all time favorite color! And where does this beautiful kit come from? It comes from Jessica Rodarte over at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! You can view the giveaway page by clicking the link to the left and you can view her blog here: BLOG

I am now a TWO TIME Winner!

Oh my! I would have never guessed that today would find me a TWO TIME winner from the OWOH event! A BIG THANK YOU To Sherry over at For a WONDERFUL prize package of beautiful papers, borders AND one of her beautiful altered Dominoes! Please be sure to go over and check out her blog. It is fabulous and pretty!
I just love the OWOH event and can't wait to draw a winner for my prize. My blog entry stays open until 9 pm, so if you haven't commented on my OWOH post yet, be sure to do so. I will use the random generator tonight and spread some happiness of my own!
Thank you again Sherry! I am going to love using all those goodies!

I am a Winner!!!!

Oh! I checked my e-mail this morning and to my surprise, I found I was the winner of this STUNNING mermaid painting from Anuan, a transplanted Carribean lady now residing in Japan. The painting is truly one of my favorite prizes gorgeous! You can view this lovely lady's blog at
THANK YOU Anuan for your most generous gift of ART! I will cherish it always.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, Valentine's Day is here and my giveaway for the Liasons de l'Amour Valentine's Fete is now over. I put all of the names in a bowl, swished them around a good bit and pulled one out. Our Winner is.....KATHY! Kathy has her own beautiful blog over at She was also one of my lovely hostesses for my first ever blog party. CONGRATULATIONS Kathy! I will be e-mailing you for your address and preparing your special glove to mail!
Thank you to all of you who played and posted a comment! I hope you had fun and made some new friends!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

LES LIASONS DE L'AMOUR Valentine's Day Fete

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MY OWOH post and giveaway, please scroll down about 2-3 posts. Thank you!

It is finally time for our Valentine's Fete! The Petite Trianon is lit up...dresses are donned and silk is whispering along the wooded, fairy lit paths! Come join us for a romantic story, some nice giveaways and meet some new people along the way!
1. To win the giveaway prize at the end of this posting, please leave ONE comment on this post only. Winners will be randomly drawn and announce on February 14th. You MUST leave an e-mail or link back so I can contact the winner. This blog party ENDS on February 13th at midnight est. (Technically Valentine's Day itself).

2. Please visit all the other blog parties for great giveaways! You can find them under the blog badge and party name on my right hand side bar!

Now...let the party begin....

Laughter and mirth rang out into the misty, purple twilight. She tiptoed down the hall a long, gilded key clutched in her hand. One door, two doors…ah yes, this was it, the Queen’s wardrobe room. She slipped the key into the lock and turned. Success! The door swung open and barely visible in the moonlight were the gowns. Marvelous gowns, shimmering in the light filled her eyes. She must be quick, before someone comes. Listening carefully, she selected one of the fabric confections, slipped into it as quickly as she could and took a quick look in the standing mirror. She stealthily moved towards the door, not wanting to risk being found. She must hurry if she was to be on time.

She stole through the secret passage way, mask and wig concealing her from prying servant eyes. The door opened onto a path into the woods. Twinkling light slipped from the windows of the Petit Trianon while light-hearted music floated on the crisp February night air. Chattering and whisperings could be heard faintly as she approached the gate to the back garden, an open note grasped in her silk clad hand. The gate creaked slightly as it swung in towards the entrance to a silent Hamlet Village. She turned and took one last glance at the full moon behind the Petit Trianon before setting her foot on the pebbled path....

The village was darkened. She had to pick her way carefully over the path. There it was! A lantern flashed from one of the nearby buildings. She walked quicker. The building was dark again, but she found it quickly and let herself in, a low, whistled trill indicating her presence. It was answered with a low laugh. Ah, he was here. She ran to his waiting arms, feeling their warmth as they circled her. She handed him the note. “For you, monsieur.”

A look of curiosity covered his features. “What’s this then?” He slipped a gloved finger under the seal. As he read, the color began to drain from his face, creeping its way down his neck. “No, it can’t be.” A small hand covers his, “Cherie?”

Summons to a duel. He was to defend his sister’s honor, as her husband was absent at war. They only had a few moments to treasure this time and he must leave. They could hear the echoes of a minuet. Taking her hand, he led her in the complicated steps. Every moment offered a chance to drink in a little more of the love that possessed them before he had to leave. The music began to fade. “Now Cherie...”

She stole down the path behind him. He must not know she is there. The path opened into a wide area where several snorting horses and men waited, stamping their feet. Clouds of breath steamed around their heads. There was a general hush as HE walked into the circle. Slowly, deliberately, he peeled off one of his lace cuffed gloves and sent it sailing through the air. It landed with a whisper at his enemy’s boot.

Second hands and swords were chosen, readied. Each man paced off, determination and traces of sorrow etched in the face of one; defiance coating the features of the other. A moment of heavy silence hung in the clearing. “On my mark…” The duel commenced. Thrusts were parried, advances and retreats were made. The clang of metal pierced the air and finally, a dull thud, as metal hit bone. HE stood for a few seconds, gasped, and fell, a dark, black pool spreading before him.

She ran, screaming to him. She no longered cared about her borrowed finery. He was no longer breathing. Turning slowly, she picked up his glove. The one token she would keep for the rest of her life. It was an exquisite knit net cuffed in the finest lace. An alarm had been raised. Sounds of discovery loomed in the near distance. She ran, clutching her memento, back through the village, back to the Petit Trianon. In the commotion, she slipped unnoticed to the Queen’s closet. The glove in her hand showed the only trace of the night that had gone before. It would be handed down to her unborn daughter and each succeeding daughter thereafter...a reminder that love, truly given, does not die.

To win Cherie's beautiful glove wrist purse, please post a comment before midnight, eastern standard time, February 13th.