Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Facts About Moi

25 Facts About Moi
I was tagged, via blog reading, to list 25 little known facts about me. Is you are reading this, you are tagged. Be sure to post facts about yourself on your blog!

1. I love Candyland. I wish I could live in Candyland...I would be a pink sugar queen!
2. I studied Archaeology and Anthropology in college. I did not graduate...but still love both subjects. I am especially interested in religion and mythology.
3. I used to be ultra-liberal and am now somewhat far right wing.
4. I am a homeschooling, SAHM.
5. I like to self-collect rare seashells on Sanibel Island.
6. I have an immense imagination and love to think, write and produce creativity!
7. I love the color pink in all its forms. Next I love Green!
8. I adore Cryptozoology and love Monsterquest! If I were a marine scientist I would spend my life trying to prove sea monsters exist!
9. I believe in Creation Science. Literally...I am not joking!
10. My favorite TV show ever is the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I never get tired of it. My newest favorite show is Big Bang Theory (Kinda ironic for a Creation scientist eh?) and I never get tired of it either.
11. Tim Burton is my favorite movie producer/creator. A little bit of creepy sweet is fun!
12. Halloween is my favorite interesting issue in my fundamentalist circles!
13. I have 2 cats and a dog who manage to co-exist somewhat peacefully.
14. I love paperclay! I love sculpting with it..I love painting it...I just love it!
15. I collect old women's magazines from 1800's- 1925. I love the old information and illustrations.
16. My favorite fine artists are Chagall, Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso.
17. For an artist, I have a rather plain and ugly decor. It is early kid mixed with some dirt, cat and dog hair and furniture even the dump wouldn't take...exaggerating..kinda...
18. My favorite food is pizza...especially true Italian pizza...
19. I like strange flower flavorings in my candy...rose, violet, orange flower and lavender. In the Summer, I drink rosewater in my water!
20. York, England is one of my favorite places on earth.
21. I love L.M. Montgomery and have read each of her novels at least 2 times! Some more.
22. Alice in Wonderland is my all time favorite fantasy children's book. I even like the Disney movie!
23. I like to eat Morel mushrooms from the woods. A delicious springtime treat!
24. I love Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals.
25. I am an amateur Marine Naturalist..I love mollusks, jellyfish and seahorses. I especially like gastropods.

There it is! Now it is your turn to tell the world something about yourself!

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Trip to the Theater...Did The Queen Lose a Slipper?

Today's journey to Versailles carried me to the Théâtre de la Reine, where I happily watched her Royal Highness dance a perfect Minuet...but as she faded away...I believe she left behind one of her magical slippers...

This toy theater was made for a swap I am hosting on the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group. It is to go to the very talented and debonair Tristan Robin Blakeman! I am sure he will love dreaming about the Queen and her exploits as he gazes on this peepshow into the past...Most of the materials are vintage and I think this turned out to be a beautiful work of art!

The slipper is probably going to be my entry in the altered shoe swap on the same site. It is mixed media, with a beautiful glass glittered Queen embellishment. I like the ghostly quality of the Marie image on the ornament. La Reine must be more careful concerning her dancing slippers...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twilight Masquerade At Versailles

I have journeyed to Versailles once again for a twilight masquerade. The Queen is on her balcony, behind a mysterious buliding, guarded by a glass glittered swan! These ATCS are triptychs and are for the Birds of a Feather Swap over at the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group on Ning.
They are watercolor with pen and ink, digital image printed on acetate and a watercolor glass glittered swan for the outer panel. Each card is the same yet different, featuring different color schemes, different dresses for Marie and different digital out building pics. I wish I could really go to Versailles for a twilight Masquerade party and slip back in time to see the Queen herself dance a minuet!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sugar Spun Powder Pouf

I looked up lambswool powder puffs on the internet and was shocked at the prices! Sooooo, I decided to make my own! This is made with a blend of Merino Wool, Alpaca and Tussah Silk roving. I cut two bunches from the roving, laid them out, sandwiching some pink wool roving in the center. You can't see the pink in this image, there is just a bare hint of it. Then, I needle felted the layers in the center on both front, back and sides, pinching it together to make a slight bow shape.. After the felting was done, I fluffed it out, combed it, trimmed it and added a sweet vintage flower and Italian glass bead to make it luxuriously beautiful! Try makin your own! I bought this roving blend from missbabs_fibers on ebay. The roving cost less than buying 1 commercially made puff and I will be able to make many puffs from it or use it in my other felting crafts! You can also use all wool or all alpaca, but I don't know if all silk fiber would felt. Experiment, have fun and leave comments letting me know how it worked for you!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Queen's Shoe

Marie mania continues....this is an altered shoe I made for a swap on the Marie Antoinette Mail Ary yahoo group. I started with a vintage shoe, spray painted it pink, stamped motifs in gold pigment ink, layered it with pink sparkle tissue paper, layered on K and Company ornaments, more tissue and then finished it off with a print of vintage wall paper inside; a vintage crepe paper ruff on the outside edges; a feather ornament with a vintage glitter, frosted Marie paper doll and iced it with a sweet vintae gold birdieperched upon a vintage peach flower atop a faded, vintage green bow. I love this so much, I may keep it and make a different shoe for the swap.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Morning in Versailles

Ok...I'm not really in Versailles..but I did spend the morning crafting this glass bead crown chandelier. It is hand wrought of gold wire, frosted pink glass beads, sea foam and peachy pink hex beads and pastel pearlized beads with a few faceted glass tears dropped in. It is fit for a paper palace or an Art Doll Queen. I made it for the monthly lotto at the Marie Antoinette Mail Art yahoo group. Isn't it just delicious????

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plum Crazy for Marie Antoinette

Wow! I has been a looooonnnng time since I have added anything to this blog. Shameful! October-December is always a crazy busy time for our family. And right after Christmas, we added a new Keeshond puppy to the mix! His name is Chewbacca and he is a little charmer! Now that I am finally getting back to routine and enjoying some quiet times, I can get back to my art! I spent most of my Christmas break cleaning out my art supply area and making a studio in my basement! It took days to do, but now it is all organized and ready to go! I am itching to make some art! My latest obsession is Marie Antoinette! I just joined a new yahoo group called Marie Antoinette Mail Art. It is a juried site with several wonderful artists there! See the button at the upper right of my blog to go check it out! I also figured out how to work with my Adobe Photoshop elements and made several beautiful Marie Antoinette digital collages. The pics here are copyrighted by cannot be used for resale. Today I am offering some pictures of:Our Christmas tree: a simple number of blue feathers with home made glitter snow flakes ; some beautiful Marie Antoinette Digital collages I did and our new puppy Chewbacca.