Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mad Hatter Twin Paper Dolls

These two gentlemen criminals are my vision of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. They are pen and ink with watercolor and spring entirely from my imagination. I imagined the Mad Hatter on a Wanted poster "armed and dangerous" with his handy teapot. I used Sennelier Tyrian Rose for all that juicy sugar pink! It is fugitive in sunlight, but should do ok displayed in a shady corner. These are for an Alice in Wonderland Paperdoll trade I am hosting on my webiste, Christian Friendly ATCs and Mail art at the following address:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Candy

Tonight I stayed up entirely too late hand dyeing silk ribbon. I had been tempted to go and buy some and then decided to remind myself how easy it is to do at home! Here are the instructions for all you adventurous folks.


Silk Ribbons

Food Coloring ( I use Wilton paste colors)




Something with wells, to use as a palette

Old Paint Brushes

Water Vessel

Take one toothpick full of color (or a tiny squirt for liquid colors) and put in your palette well. Add 1 cap of Vinegar and stir. Leave toothpick in for stirring. The paste colors take a bit to dissolve and I don't worry if they don't completely dissolve, because you can smoosh it around with your brush.

Wet your ribbon in the water vessel and lightly squeeze out. Lay on the plate in a bunch so parts overlap.

Take your brush and dip it in your first color. Randomly splotch this onto the ribbon and allow it to flow. Add up to 3 colors or so and allow them to mix, or leave some white areas.

Allow to sit a few minutes. Rinse in clean water until the water runs clean. Squeeze out water and pat in an old towel. Hang until dry.

Once the ribbon is dry, iron on silk setting to set the color.

As far as I have been able to find out, these colors are permanent and washable, but you should do your own tests!

Oh yeah, be sure to wear gloves if you don't want hand dyed hands!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Charming Inchie Bon Bon Doll Babies

Here is a creation all my own. At least, I haven't seen these anywhere else yet. I call them Inchie Bon Bon Babies. They are art dolls with bodies made from two 1 1/2 inch squares sewn right sides together, turned, stuffed, sewn shut and embellished with a charm for the head and bead strings for legs. Aren't they charming? Try one today. They are so fast, and so addictive!

Mermaid Sugar Queens

Here are some of my newest creations. They are art dolls based on the Dottie dolls found on other websites. I needle felted the faces and used pieces from a vintage 1930's quilt block for the bodies. I then added silk ribbons and bead work. I call these Mermaid Sugar Queens, because they are just plain sugary sweet with their salty sea fishy shaped bodies and their luscious silk candy ribbon tails
From top to bottom:
Tango Mermaid Queen
Blue Moon Dancer Mermaid Queen
Spanish Rose Flamenco Mermaid Queen
Close up of Spanish Rose's Face
Aqua Jelly Bean Mermaid Queen
Close up of Aqua's Face
Aren't these too delcious for words?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Welcome Message To You

Hi and Welcome to my blog! My name is Rebecca and this is my first bonafide blog! Please take some time to check out my profile, artwork and links. I hope to post many ideas, projects and plans in the future, Lord willing. The image you see here is my avatar on ATCs For All. I love trading ATCS and mail art. Most everything you see here will have been sent to a new and loving home! My avatar's name is Crazy Eye Jenkins. My username on the site is pumpkincoach. Come over and visit us sometime! Everyone is friendly and it is a fun place to trade!