Monday, April 14, 2008

Charming Inchie Bon Bon Doll Babies

Here is a creation all my own. At least, I haven't seen these anywhere else yet. I call them Inchie Bon Bon Babies. They are art dolls with bodies made from two 1 1/2 inch squares sewn right sides together, turned, stuffed, sewn shut and embellished with a charm for the head and bead strings for legs. Aren't they charming? Try one today. They are so fast, and so addictive!


Jamie said...

Very cute! These would be fun to make! is that a sequin with beads coming out of it in the back of the head?

Rebecca said...

Jamie~ I am glad you like my cuties! Yes, that is a sequin behind the charm. It is one of the doily style with holes around the edges. I sewed the charm to the topmost hole to raise the head above the body. I then sewed the bottom hole to to the top of the body. The beaded piece behind the sequin is and antique wired piece. I sewed it on behind the charm/sequin used it as an anchor for the head. The bead string hanger is made of new beads.