Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rose Bertin's Design Journal

I have finally assembled my fabric journal for the Rose Bertin's Fabric Journal swap over at the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Site. I think it turned out quite lovely. The cover is made from an old piece of beaded gown and various other vintage items. The inside pages are as follows"
1. By Robin Sweet of Gilded Cage Designs 2. By Robin Sweet of Gilded Cage Designs and By Terri Gordon of Designs by Terri Gordon 3. By Terri Gordon and by Rebecca Allinson of Sugar and Spice Art Confections (That is ME!) 4. By Rebecca Allinson and by Cindy Arthur (No Known Blog or Website) 5. Cindy Arthur All of these pages are so beautiful and I love all the artists who contributed to this fabulous book! Thank you all!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lavished With Lace

My mother, Marilyn, is one of the most giving, beautiful, loving people I know. She has always sacrificed her own needs to meet those of her family and others in her sphere. She is a true testament of all that Christ calls us to be. This year for Christmas she sent me the most beautiful package of lace and a gorgeous little gumdrop of a book called Candy Land, published in 1928/1931 by McLoughlin Bros. I collect old books with the Candy Land theme and have several now. I also collect old versions of the game, but need to update them as I have let my children play with them and we all know what that leads to! The lace came in a gallon size baggie and all of it is Edwardian, except for one nylon flounce! I believe some of the pieces to be handmade bobbin lace and I know some are hand made crochet and filet crochet. They are all just stunning and I am still pinching myself over this most beautiful of gifts! And can you believe, she told me, that she found these pining away in an antique store for only $5~ Yes, you read right! That made the gift even better as we are bargain shoppers extraordinaire! I shall have great fun using these in many projects to come! Thank you Mom! You are the BEST!

A Gorgeous Angel

Today I received a beautiful Marie Antoinette Angel Paper Doll in my mail box! She was made for me by Terri Gordon of Designs by Terri Gordon. I have her hovering over my nativity on on my mantle.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Christmas Delights

I hope all of you out there are enjoying your Christmas preparations. I have been busy creating delightful things! I have made some true confections: 3 Sugar Creme Pies, Caramel, Rose Turkish Delight and Penuche Fudge. I have also made the ribbon confections, seen above. The first, all white pin is an odd color choice for me to work in, but I found it so beautiful when it was done. The last picture is of a ribbon, fabric and felt candies necklace I made for a sweet little sugar plum of a girl I know. She is all of 5 and she loved these candies when she saw them, so I knew they would have to be made into something for her! I hope it delights her as much as it did me as I made it!
Have a Merry Christmas all!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Delightful Christmas Necklaces

Yesterday I made 15 soldered pendants, 15 crystal charms to go on them and then strung them all with some of the lovely hand dyed and other ribbons from my growing stash. The soldering is VERY bumpy and pitted. I think it was from the way I taped them and kept going over it. I had to put felt on the backs to protect the wearer's clothing. But, I LIKED the bumpy look. It reminds me of antique metal jewelry. It almost looks like hammered metal. I hope I can get it smoother though. These were too thick for the typical glass sandwiching, so I had to back the glass with copper foil. It added a pretty dimension behind the glass and saved on metal tape! I think they turned out lovely and hope their recipients enjoy them too.
I am off now to buy packaging material, candy making supplies and to make some ribbon work jewelry for more Christmas giving! I love this time of year!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

LES LIASONS DE L'AMOUR Valentine's Day Fete

Twinkling light slipped from the windows of the Petit Trianon while light-hearted music floated on the crisp February night air. Chattering and laughter could be heard faintly as she approached the gates to the back garden, an open note grasped in her silk clad hand. The gate creaked slightlty as it swung in towards the entrance to a silent Hamlet Village. She turned and took one last glance at the full moon behind the Petit Trianon before setting her foot on the pebbled path....

It is time to get ready for a fĂȘte grande in honor of St. Valentine's Day. Tokens of love, fabulous gowns, silken dancing slippers, mysterious romantic trysts in the candle light and of course, CAKE... all will be sure to take place on February 12th & 13th, 2010. There will be many wonderful giveaways and blog parties to attend. So, prepare your attire, grab your jeweled feather fans and meet me at the Petit Trianon!

For Details and Blog Badge, please see below!

My First Ever Blog Event!!!

I have recently been honored by the request to take ownership of the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Site. I, of course, accepted! I love that site more than any other I have been a part of. As part of my new role, I decided to have a site party and a tie in blog party for Valentine's Day. If you would like to be part of the blog party fun, please be sure to post a comment with your blog link and I will add it to a blog party section or page. This is new to me, so I still have much to figure out! See the post above this one for the Blog party details! I know I will be hosting a giveaway, yet to be announced, but it will be beautiful! I hope many of my Marie site participants will as well! See you there! The blog badge for you to post on your blogs is above. Be sure to link it back to my above blog post. To do this, right click on the badge. Save it wherever you store image files. Click on the above Blog Event Post (the post directly above this one) and then copy the web address. Paste it where you can find it. Go to your blog. Click on lthe Blogger sign ( or go to wherever you blog allows you to edit your layout.) Choose Layout. Choose Add a Gadget. Choose Add a Picture. Fill in the Blanks. For Link, fill in my blog post address. That should link the badge to my site. Then click save. I will be testing this myself and update this as necessary.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Millinery Mania A Trip through 4 Decades!


1918 Birthday Party Crepe Paper Hats REPOS




Here are the MANY hats I re-trimmed and/or made for my daughter's play. They range in time period from 1918, 1920's, 1930's to the 1940's. They are in order by time period. They are not all true period pieces, but all are based on styles from the time. I did the best I could with the time and materials given. I hope you like peeking! I hope the Lord truly blesses this play and that he is glorified in every part. The children have all worked so hard and it is going to be a beautiful production! The flapper ribbon ornament at the top of the pictures is one I made for a dress and then decided not to use. I made it into a pin instead.