Friday, December 11, 2009

Delightful Christmas Necklaces

Yesterday I made 15 soldered pendants, 15 crystal charms to go on them and then strung them all with some of the lovely hand dyed and other ribbons from my growing stash. The soldering is VERY bumpy and pitted. I think it was from the way I taped them and kept going over it. I had to put felt on the backs to protect the wearer's clothing. But, I LIKED the bumpy look. It reminds me of antique metal jewelry. It almost looks like hammered metal. I hope I can get it smoother though. These were too thick for the typical glass sandwiching, so I had to back the glass with copper foil. It added a pretty dimension behind the glass and saved on metal tape! I think they turned out lovely and hope their recipients enjoy them too.
I am off now to buy packaging material, candy making supplies and to make some ribbon work jewelry for more Christmas giving! I love this time of year!!!!!!

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Kim said...

They're beautiful! I love how they turned out!