Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Facts About Moi

25 Facts About Moi
I was tagged, via blog reading, to list 25 little known facts about me. Is you are reading this, you are tagged. Be sure to post facts about yourself on your blog!

1. I love Candyland. I wish I could live in Candyland...I would be a pink sugar queen!
2. I studied Archaeology and Anthropology in college. I did not graduate...but still love both subjects. I am especially interested in religion and mythology.
3. I used to be ultra-liberal and am now somewhat far right wing.
4. I am a homeschooling, SAHM.
5. I like to self-collect rare seashells on Sanibel Island.
6. I have an immense imagination and love to think, write and produce creativity!
7. I love the color pink in all its forms. Next I love Green!
8. I adore Cryptozoology and love Monsterquest! If I were a marine scientist I would spend my life trying to prove sea monsters exist!
9. I believe in Creation Science. Literally...I am not joking!
10. My favorite TV show ever is the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I never get tired of it. My newest favorite show is Big Bang Theory (Kinda ironic for a Creation scientist eh?) and I never get tired of it either.
11. Tim Burton is my favorite movie producer/creator. A little bit of creepy sweet is fun!
12. Halloween is my favorite interesting issue in my fundamentalist circles!
13. I have 2 cats and a dog who manage to co-exist somewhat peacefully.
14. I love paperclay! I love sculpting with it..I love painting it...I just love it!
15. I collect old women's magazines from 1800's- 1925. I love the old information and illustrations.
16. My favorite fine artists are Chagall, Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso.
17. For an artist, I have a rather plain and ugly decor. It is early kid mixed with some dirt, cat and dog hair and furniture even the dump wouldn't take...exaggerating..kinda...
18. My favorite food is pizza...especially true Italian pizza...
19. I like strange flower flavorings in my candy...rose, violet, orange flower and lavender. In the Summer, I drink rosewater in my water!
20. York, England is one of my favorite places on earth.
21. I love L.M. Montgomery and have read each of her novels at least 2 times! Some more.
22. Alice in Wonderland is my all time favorite fantasy children's book. I even like the Disney movie!
23. I like to eat Morel mushrooms from the woods. A delicious springtime treat!
24. I love Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals.
25. I am an amateur Marine Naturalist..I love mollusks, jellyfish and seahorses. I especially like gastropods.

There it is! Now it is your turn to tell the world something about yourself!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Interesting list of stuff!

Except about the right wing thing - and Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals LOL

...give me some time to work on these things with you LOL

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

re: your visit to my blog

yes, my mother was quite beautiful. I remember one time in kindergarten when all the parents were visiting, and all the kids were asking each other which mother was whose. I just said, "My mom is the pretty one" ... and everybody knew who it was LOL.

no to G.W. and Cats (ugh) - yeah to Superstar! Actually I like the things he did when he was still with Tim Rice (Superstar, Joseph, Evita). But his later stuff I really don't like (except Sunset Boulevard, which I adore) and the songs "Love Changes Everything" from Aspects of Love and "Someone Help Me Make Up My Heart" from Starlight Express. The rest of 'em - ugh. LOL I'm a Sondheim man!