Saturday, February 27, 2010

Marie Sewing Heart Chatelaines

I have finished my work for another beautiful swap at our wonderful Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group. This was for heart shaped sewing Chatelaines. I had a hard time getting started on this swap. Lately, I have been a little drained in the creative energy area. I am feeling better now and had such fun with this! I made it for a dear, sweet woman and my online friend Rella Gauthier. I hope she will love it even more in person! It is all completely hand sewn. I do not really like sewing on a machine. The ribbons for the necklace, and the ruffles were all hand dyed by me are are silk and silk velvet. The fabric bases are vintage flower prints from the 50's and the pink felt is wool. I added a swarovski crystal accent in the middle, which is not showing its true color, of course and I topped off 9 silk pins with swarovski crystals in pink, green and blue. The rosette trim is french rayon. I made the ribbon flowers and the bon bon pin cushion in the center.

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