Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Glorious Giveaway over at Enchanted Revelry!!!

Hi all! My blogging pal, my most faithful commentor and fellow Marie Antoinette Mail Art member, Tristan is giving away some SWEEEEET art supplies in honor of his blogs 300th follower, 200th post and 40,0000th hit! If you have NEVER seen his blog, you should. It is filled with zany, tongue and cheek vintage pics, beautiful furniture, and goregous artwork. He also makes stunning art quilts!
Way to go Tristan! Visit his blog here: Enchanted Revelry
Here is a pic of his giveaway prize (prizes):


Deb said...

Nice blog you have here....thanx for the link too.


Sandra Evertson said...

Hi, I am having a Marie Antoinette Giveaway on my blog and would like to invite you and any others who might be interested to join in! Please feel free to use any photos from my blog to pass the word along!
Hope to see you there!

My Best,
Sandra Evertson