Sunday, May 18, 2008

April Rains Amulet Necklace Bag

Here is my first ever amulet necklace bag. I have titled it "April Rains" because of the spring-like blues and pinks. It is made of wool felt, a vintage, hand dyed velvet millinery leaf appliqued, embroidered and bordered in beads; glass bead and shell fringe; hand dyed vintage cotton lace trim; a delicious vintage glass button; pink silk lining and a gorgeous hand dyed rayon ribbon neckband. It is just large enough to hold credit cards and cash or a tiny cell phone or mp3 player. It is all hand sewn.

My next project is an art Birthday Queen crown for my secret pal at church. I give her a "planned party in a bag" each month, as a gift for her and her family. It has brought me so much joy to share my art in a way that is meant to encourage another sister in Christ!

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