Friday, May 16, 2008

Native American Earthy Lady Dolls

These little beauties are made of buttery soft leather with wool needle felted faces and soft wool roving hair. They are: Creek, Mojave and Hopi ladies. Each has beautiful glass, gemstone and shell bead hangers and hand painted symbols unique to each tribal group. The spiral symbol is universal to all 3 groups, and for the Hopis (at least) symbolised the journey of the people. You will also see a Bighorn Sheep (Mojave) and a Univeral Sun (Creek). The Universal Sun symbolizes the four wind directions, the earth, the sun and the solar system. Each hairstyle is reflective of the tribe represented. I did these three babies for a Wild West Dottie swap on my website, Christian Friendly ATCS and Mail Art. I was inspired after watching several documentaries on the Anasazi. Aren't they beautiful?

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