Monday, June 30, 2008

A Trip to the World of Autumn

I love Autumn! For my latest Amulet bag, I decided to visit Autumn in the early dawn light. Here we have a tree, just beginning to change it's cloak from lush summer to Autumn splendor! The bag is done in hand dyed silk, lined with batik orange cotton. The ribbons are also hand dyed. I used silk ribbon to embroider the trunk and for the extended "roots" at the bottom of the bag. There are also roots of glass beads on wool thread. For the foliage, I punch embroidered using a single strand of hand dyed wool. Amongst the foliage, are some tiny glass bead nuts. All the hand dyeing (except the lining) was done by me. The bag is further accented with windblown Lucite leaves in transparent fall colors. I think I will have to visit the land of Autumn more often.....

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