Monday, February 16, 2009

A "Chocolataire" Social 1898

I collect vintage party idea books and booklets. I love to read and dream about the parties described. I thought it would be fun to share some of these parties with all of you dreamers out there!~ Who knows, maybe it will spark some one's imagination and lead to an unexpected party to delight your friends or family! I will try to post one or two party ideas a week! Enjoy!

From an 1898 book entitled
Eighty Pleasant Evenings

A "Chocolataire" Social

In this social the decorations are all of a purple or violet hue-flowers, paper napkins, ribbon bows on the waitresses' caps and aprons, etc. The lights are from candles in silver candlesticks decorated with violet tissue paper frills. Two or three of the ladies act as hostesses and pour the chocolate, while five or six girls or young ladies are waitresses. The first hour is spent in conversation, and in listening to as fine a musical programme, both vocal and instrumental, as can be arranged, including not only the best musical talent from within the society, but some from outside. Then serve the refreshments, which are chocolate with whipped cream, chocolate layer cake or other cake with chocolate icing, and candies. Charge twenty-five cents for the refreshments complete, of fifteen cents for the chocolate and cream alone; and give a small cup and saucer as a souvenir to each guest purchasing chocolate. After all have been served, have an auction sale of the remaining candy, loaves of cake, and boxes or cakes of chocolate from which the delectable food and drink were prepared
Invitations sent out in advance should mention the souvenir cup and saucer given to each guest purchasing refreshments. If thought desirable, the best parts of the musical programme may be reserved for the closing features of the evening, announcements being made accordingly.

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