Thursday, February 26, 2009

My First Sales! Hot Iron Millinery Flower Work Information

I made my first sales on etsy! I sold 3 digital download collage sheets today! I was so thrilled! I have also had a lot of views and even some sweet people who "heart" my shop! You know who you are you sweet ones! I am so excited! I know, it takes very little to excite me. The posted picture is me doing a virtual dance of joy. If you knew me in real life, you would know that I am not elegant and CANNOT dance...uncoordinated and all. But here in cyberspace I can be whoever I want to be, can't I? Today I am going to work on making some ribbon flowers. I will be putting these up for sale on etsy later. I plan to glue vintage rhinestones (glass and crystal) in the centers, so they should be full of sparkly goodness! I have discovered vintage millinery flower making using hot irons! I saw some tools on ebay, which I can't afford right now, so I bought a mini iron and some attachments and then made some of my own tools to go with it. I believe my method is called "jerry-rigging" in slang! LOL! I have yet to test them, but will post more when I do. What I have tested so far is fairly simple and has turned out ok. I did some dyeing of silk fabrics yesterday and will try making some flowers soon! If you want to check out the tools or methods for yourself you can find information and tools at Lacis. Click here for Lacis tools. Click here for a book on Hot iron flower making at Lacis. When you get there do a search for the title Fabric into Flowers by Judy Hogan. There is a great seller on ebay who sells vintage reprints. I bought a manual on hot iron fabric work from her. It is very basic, but a good place to start. Click here for her ebay store. Search for the following title: Millinery Book Make Flowers Floral Hat Trimmings 1951. There is a seller on ebay who makes reproduction tools. He is in Australia, but the postage isn't too terrible. He will also e-mail quotes on sets, etc. Check him out by clicking here. He sells irons that you put in a gas flame or other heat source to heat, iron tips for hot rhinestone setters, and iron tips for both of the mini clover irons. He doesn't always have everything listed, but will answer questions. Lacis is the only reasonable American Source I know for this craft, but I think it is actually cheaper to order them from Australia, even with shipping. You will have to buy your iron here, as the irons made for Australia and Europe are not compatible with our electric outlets. This saves on postage anyway!

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