Sunday, March 1, 2009

For St. Patrick's Day--A Donnybrook Fair Party

I have been so busy setting up my new etsy shop. I just love it! I am currently going through many of my paper and digital collections to make up ever new and interesting collage sheets. My goal is to delight Altered Art workers with the unusual and fabulously sublime! My next goal is to put up some groups of ribbon flowers I have been working on and to work on some luscious artist kits that I have in mind! The ribbon flowers have vintage glass or crystal rhinestone centers and are too yummy for words! I just want to create some delicious packaging for them and then will take photos and list them. My final goal will be to list some of my finished works of art. This is so much fun! For this week's party, I am giving you a St. Paddy's Day party from a 1907 book by Paul Pierce titled Parties and Entertainments. Here goes: For St. Patrick's Day--A Donnybrook Fair " A Donnybrook Fair" is an excellent entertainment for St. Patrick's day. Ask guests to come in costume and throw open the entire house. Arrange a number of stalls or stands (tables under old umbrellas), and have these presided over by market women, with short full skirts, big gingham aprons, kerchiefs and small shawls or sun-bonnets over their heads. Have a number of grey-haired women (powder the hair) sitting about knitting lace and selling knitted lace. Have one or two peddler women going about with trays suspended about their necks selling notions and cheap trinkets. Arrange live stock pens with a live pig, geese and chickens. Have a "goose girl" in charge; and have a dairy with dairy maids selling buttermilk, butter, cheese, eggs, etc. Have flower girls selling roses, violets, azaleas and shamrocks. Have a cottage with roof of turf for the Inn. Serve an Irish stew, boiled potatoes, fish, cakes and tea. Arrange the "Blarney Stone" in the midst of a "bog," the more pitfalls the better. Jaunting and low-back cars should be part of the scenery. St. Patrick's Well should be a feature. It would be great fun to see one of these parties in action wouldn't it????


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Now that's what I call a party!

I love the costume sheet in your etsy store. I want to go to a party where EVERYBODY has made their costume from that page!

Ricardo Cabeza said...
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